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Mission:VR Takes A Jump

Mission:VR Founder, L.Michelle Salvant is the latest to be selected for the Google Jump Program

Third Time Is A Go!

"This is by far one of the most exciting announcements we've had since we were introduced to VR last March(2016)," said L.Michelle Salvant about her recent acceptance into the Google Jump Program. Salvant had previously applied twice, once to Oculus' #VRForGood program, and once to the first round of the Google Jump program, before being selected to participate in Jump this past August(2017). Salvant is the founder of Mission:VR and had recently been working with Florida A&M University on several Virtual Reality projects, when she says she got the idea to propose making a signature VR Film, surrounding the Marching 100. "My heart is to produce soul-stirring stories that are unforgettable. Stories of Faith, Stories of the African American experience that may have never been told, or at least not through Virtual Reality. I felt going inside the Marching 100, would be a one of a kind piece, that would show the heart and soul of FAMU and why alumni like me and across the world love it so much!" Salvant, produced and released her first independent VR film, "Healed" an experience following a woman's journey of being "Healed" from breast cancer this past June(2017). You can see the experience inside a first of its kind Virtual Reality environment her team created called, "BelieveVR." Meanwhile, L.Michelle says she hopes the Google Jump film, "The Rattler," will open up even more opportunities to tell one of a kind stories in this new way. "My prayer is to do more! More VR Storytelling, More VR Experiences, impact in communities I love and serve. More!" You can follow her "Jump Journey" (here).

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