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    Exploring VR|AR|MR In Faith & Education

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    "The whole goal is to take an entirely new Medium into communities where lives can be positively impacted through an entirely new type of Immersive content!" -L.Michelle Salvant, Mission:VR

    Mission: VR

    Exploring The Use Of VR|AR|MR in Faith & Education

    Mission:VR or (Virtual Reality) started as a Christian Mission work designed to educate children and their parents about Virtual Reality. In Spring 2017, it expanded into Higher Education and became a more comprehensive effort to research and explore the uses of VR|AR|MR in Faith & Education. We target communities that are often underrepresented in the technology industry.

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  • Mission:VR Experiences

    Virtual Reality World Tour

    Explore various cities, countries and historical sites from across the world. Our ClassVR Portal has hundreds of experiences to choose from. Trust us, it will feel just like you're there. Powered by: ClassVR/PowerUP Edu

    Adventures in AR

    Experience Space by holding galaxies in the palm of your hand. Watch wildlife and other 3D objects come alive. Read A Book by experiencing the story unfold all around around you. Especially geared towards students age 3 and up.

    Create Your Own VR Story

    There's storytelling and then there's VR Storytelling. This experience will show you how to create a 360 Story experience from the ground/up. Example projects include VR Tours, VR Presentations, and VR Short Films. This activity is especially designed for those who enjoy Media production.

    VR Group Play

    One of a kind experiences that are perfect for group play. You'll be challenged to interact with your teammates and complete a Mission in the real world and virtual world all at the same time. Note, some of the experiences are room scale and require adequate space.

    Explore, Learn and Color in 3D

    From planes flying off a page to Volcanoes erupting before your eyes, you will enjoy our Augmented Reality Coloring Experiences. This creative activity is designed for children ages 2 and up. Powered by: QuiverVision

    Lights, Camera, Play In 3D

    Create your own 3D animated film experience using Google's Toontastic software. Pick your characters, your scene, and music. Try your voice acting skills throughout the production and share it with the world.

    Mission:VR For Good

    Ask about our special programs that explore Virtual & Augmented reality uses in teaching Digital Citizenship/Responsibility, Social Skills, Character-building, Decision-making and Empathy.

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