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    Exploring VR|AR|MR In Faith & Education

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    "The whole goal is to take an entirely new Medium into communities where lives can be positively impacted through an entirely new type of Immersive content!" -L.Michelle Salvant, Mission:VR

    Mission: VR

    Exploring The Use Of VR|AR|MR in Faith & Education

    Mission:VR or (Virtual Reality) started as a Christian Mission work designed to educate children and their parents about Virtual Reality. In Spring 2017, it expanded into Higher Education and became a more comprehensive effort to research and explore the uses of VR|AR|MR in Faith & Education. We target communities that are often underrepresented in the technology industry.

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  • The LAtest

    Register For A Summer Lab Experience In VR/AR

    Maximum 20 children per experience;

    Experiences last approx. 2-hours;

    $50 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (Groups of 5 or more);

    $10 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (Families/Individuals)

    $5 per child activity fee;

  • Mission:VR Summer Experiences

    Virtual Reality World Tour

    Explore various cities, countries and historical sites from across the world. This Google Expeditions VR Experience has hundreds of places to choose from.

    Trust us, it will feel just like you're there.

    Adventures in ViewMaster VR

    Find out what it's like to launch a space shuttle, or get up close and personal with wildlife. This one of a kind experience includes (3) VR experiences in one.

    DayDream Group Play

    This one of a kind experience will see just how well you work as a team. You'll be challenged to interact with your teammates and complete a Mission in the real world and virtual world all at the same time. Perfect for those who are Middle School age and above.

    Create Your Own VR Story

    There's storytelling and then there's VR Storytelling. This experience will show you how to create a 360 Story experience from the ground/up. It is especially designed for those who enjoy Media production.

    Powered by ThingLink VR

    360 Photo Tour Guide

    Do you like taking photos? Do you like helping others explore new places? Well, this experience is for you! Learn how to take photos in 360 and then compile them into a VR tour. Please specify your interest during registration.

    What's Your Vive?

    What's your Vive is a creative VR Experience featuring the HTC Vive. Explore new worlds, unlock your creativity, expand your mind. This VR Experience is available on select Saturdays. Inquire (here) for dates.

    My First Cardboard

    An experience designed specifically for children ages 2-5 years old. This is an introduction to Virtual Reality and includes educational and recreational immersive activities to keep them engaged. This experience

    lasts 1-hour.

    Explore & Learn in 4D

    Space, Dinosaurs, The Human Body and even Cars come alive in this 4D/Augmented Reality Learning experience designed for children age 2 and up. This experience is run using mobile devices and augmented reality flash cards. You'll have to see it for yourself!

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